Friday, November 6, 2009


It has been one week. I am sitting at my Mom's house, enjoying a house full of diversions, a concert and date with my hubby last night, good company and pampering, but my head is still full and my heart still aches and I have reached the really, really, really mad part of the grieving scale. Nate and I have been discussing that one of the stated objectives in the classes to become foster/adopt parents was for us to become experts at understanding loss....uh, check.

I received a very supportive email from FW today. I know she is very upset by the way all of this had worked out, and it means a lot to us she is working with us, and really cares for us.

I continue to pray the boy's foster parents change their mind. I know some may think me selfish, but it is my constant prayer. I first and foremost want what is best for the boys and for our family...but my heart earnestly desires for us to be what is best for each other. I would appreciate you joining my in this prayer.

Thank you with all my heart for your words of encouragement and love...they are a warm comfort while we are in this cold place.

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  1. Still thinking and praying for you guys. "Be still and know..." ~ that is one of my favorites ~ not easy, but very comforting. Love you guys!