Thursday, November 12, 2009

Moving on

Yesterday I decided would be the last day I would feel sorry for myself. A convenient run of some sort of sickness allowed me to stay a guest at my own pity party longer than I really wanted to stay. But I am feeling better both in my heart and in my body. I am resolved to move forward. Our goal was for Jeremy and Joshua to have a home and family, they have that, objective met. Time to move on to the next goal. Nathan tried to call FW yesterday to get the ball rolling again. It was Veteran's Day and there was no one in the office. He will try again today. We did not make many decisions about things since we were matched with Jeremy and Joshua even before we were approved through the state. I look forward to exploring what our options are now.

Prayer for the Day:

Father God, Thank you for comfort. Thank you for being big enough and loving enough to be with us when we are expressing our hurt and anger to you. Our hearts are sad, but our resolve is renewed and we again give ourselves over to you and your guidance. Lord give us faith. Forgive us our disbelief. We love you and give ourselves over to you fully for your purposes.
In the name of Jesus,

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