Monday, August 23, 2010

A Case for Dignity

My son Noah is an amazing little boy. There are about a million things I love about him, but I think my very favorite part of him is his compassionate heart. Noah is not much of one to just notice a problem and not want to find a solution and so it is with a little organization he is getting off the ground called A Case for Dignity. You can check out his website The website was a school project we began at the end of the school year last year and he will actually be making a professional (non blogger) website this year with the help and direction of a friend who knows much more about these things than I.

This year we have found that all things bureaucratic from adoptions to charitable organizations are slow, require a TON of paperwork and work to get you to quit before you get started by their very nature. Not wanting to lose momentum or heart, we chose to ask our church and our family to help us meet our goals. Noah set a goal of 60 bags filled to give to the Cabinet of Family Services to help the kids who will be removed from their home.

Members of our church donated the bags and supplies for 27 bags. My parents and Noah's Uncle Jason and Aunt Andee's efforts put him well over the 60 bag goal. Andee wrote me and let me know that there would be enough bags with the help of their friends to push Noah over his goal. When I told Noah, he stood with his mouth wide open and began to tear up. He was so moved by the support of our family and was so glad his desire to get bags to kids was going to be fulfilled.

There are a lot of good people with giving hearts who are willing to pitch in and help everytime we have asked. There is nothing more faith affirming than to see people so freely giving of themselves, their expertise, their time and their resources.

Noah has been able to sit at the feet of successful business men (Warren Guyer) to learn more about what he needed to do to get bags in bulk, he has sat with skilled artists (Mike Cary) and been allowed to develop a logo for stationary and printed materials. He has been given valuable information on developing and maintaining a user friendly website by a web developer (Matt Robison). He has had a ton of financial and resource support from our friends and our family. How blessed he is.

Mainly I stand amazed at how one little 10 year old boy can have an idea and a God big enough to motivate the hearts of countless people to help children who are desperate for the help. As a citizen of the world and a christian I am so thankful for everyone who is helping to meet the need of those children. But as a Mom, I can not extend enough thanks for everyone who has taught my son, little ideas can make big differences, that there are good people all around you and that with a little faith, God can make very BIG things happen.

My love and appreciation to everyone who is helping Noah with his goals.

A VERY proud Momma.

Prayer for the Day:
Lord, I just want to praise you for all you do and for all the people you have placed in our path. Thank you for making big things happen for A Case for Dignity. May all the good that comes from this endeavor be for your Glory.

Because of Jesus, AMEN