Thursday, September 22, 2011


There are moments in homeschooling when I think, "Hmphhfff." But then there are the moments that I cherish. As my children grow and develop, I foresee these moments presenting more and more. It is an absolute joy to be intimately involved with their learning experiences. I love the discussions that happen around the table over books. The insight to their thinking, enriches my own, but mostly makes me just fall more and more in love with these children.

Noah is taking a rhetoric class where he is learning the theory of Evolution and then being asked to make a decision to reject or accept it giving arguments as to why he believes what he believes. Yesterday he asked me to sit down with him, as he had some questions he wanted to ask and he wanted to run some things by me. He layed out an argument for why he believed that certain tenents of the theory of Evolution when combined with his Faith based beliefs of God as Creator were not mutually exclusive. As I sat listening to him make his arguments, I realized we are fully in the dialectic/rhetoric levels of his learning. I was so impressed with his thinking, and while I did not agree with all of his arguments, I understood how he could reach the conclusions he made. Most impressive to me was when he was finished making his arguments, he said, "Mom, this is what I have been thinking about today. I want you to tell me what you think. I feel certain I have more to learn." Oh how I hope he keeps this humble yearning to learn. I want to be more like him in realizing my understandings are limited and to not be so set in thinking I know what I know that I am not, like him, willing to admit that there is more to learn and that my current understanding could be faulty by limited knowledge.

Secondly, he pulled out his Bible and said he had some questions about the creation account, specifically Genesis 1:24. He read to me how the land produced the animals and then shared his feelings of how God used the Earth in creation. He went on to make an argument as to why he can see why people in the past have mistakenly deified the Earth. My favorite thing he stated was, "I think that the ancient people who worshipped the Earth and the scientists today are not very far off the mark. The Earth is a source of creation, even for the animals, and there is no doubt that there has been evolution and adaption, but I think they are missing God in it all. It is like they are almost there and quit before they truly understand. If you see that God used the things they are talking about you get the whole story. And that is truth. I don't understand why they are willing to accept just a portion of the truth."

What a thrill to watch my children develop their own understanding of the world around them. What an amazing thing to see them tackle faith. I love this stage of their learning when everything is so black and white. I love the confidence on Noah's face when he states a belief (even if what I think he is saying is completely false), and I love that he asks questions, asks if we agree with him or not. I love that he is willing to recognize the limitations of his understanding. The mixture of this idealistic confidence and humility is so precious and endearing. Oh how I look forward to witnessing this boy becoming a man. I look forward to seeing just who he becomes. I anticipate it will be amazing!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

They look just like you...

One of my favorite parts of being the Mom to children I did not give birth to is hearing the phrases, "I see so much of your husband in this one" or "The little one and his big brother really favor." or "Your children favor so much." I usually just smile to strangers, but to acquaintances who we have known for some time, but have not been in recent communication with, I will share our story of Emma and Jordon and how they have come to us. I believe it is true that the longer you live in relationship with someone, you begin to favor them. Nathan is extremely lucky!

As I have thought about the mannerisms Emma and Jordon have picked up from living with us it makes me think they do favor us in many ways. It is true their coloring, eyes and hair do match up to our family's. They have sweet Eastern European faces, very unlike our round American faces, but really the way they talk, the way they move, the way they express themselves with their faces, bodies, hands have come to be very similar to the rest of us.

Being created in the image of God, I wonder just how much I look like God. That has always been a curiosity to me. What exactly does it mean to be in the image of God? How much likeness do I have to Him? I can not control the basis of how I look like God any more than I can control if I favor my mother or my father. But my thoughts this morning have danced on the realization of what makes my family look similar to one another more than the shape of noses and location of eyes is the mannerisms of our actions. We favor because in spending time together in close proximity causes us to share sameness. This reflects to people who are viewing us. This is why I believe people will say, Emma and Jordon really look like (you, Nathan, Macy, Molly, Noah). We favor because we act alike. We act alike because we spend so much time together.

In my journey of discipleship, I fear I am not spending enough time with God to allow myself to pick up on His mannerisms. Could this familial sameness apply to my spirtual family? Is the intimacy of living in family, being in constant contact and proximity a condition in being recognized as a child of God? I believe it could be so. I am an adopted child of God. I want to be recognized as his child. I want to challenge myself to be more intimately involved in relationship with Him. How great would it be to have someone say, "I see so much of your Father in you?"

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

October 10

October 10th is the birthday of Tanya Tucker, David Lee Roth, Brett Farve and the amazing Mario Lopez (that was a joke!). October 10th, the day Wayne Gretzky debutes in the NHL and the last day Joe Namath plays in the NFL. October 10--as you can see has very limited signifigance to the world at large, however it will be a very important day, at least this year for our family.

October 10th is court day. There have been 3 court days since Emma and Jordon were introduced to us, but this one has some signifigance. We have been told the state of Kentucky will be suggesting TPR (Termination of Parental Rights) for the children. We have been told there is a possibility the judge could rule from the bench on that day the ultimate fate of the children. The judge could also take her time to make a decision, but we have been told there is little for her to consider. As always, the judge could say the TPR is premature and extend time to the parents. However, we have been told the likelyhood of this is small.

I have very mixed feelings about the whole thing. I guess this makes me human. I can not stand the idea of a mother losing her children, but I understand that the welfare of the children dictates this is necessary. I can not stand the idea of what grief will lie ahead for Emma, who will most assuredly grieve her parents, but realize in so many ways she is fully invested in our life and considers Nathan and I her parents. I am not anticipating the moment I will have to tell her she will not be able to see her parents again, yet she has told me on more than one occassion she does not understand why she can't just be Emma Jones. I don't look forward to the conversations with Jordon as he grows older and begins to understand this part of his history. And to be honest, it scares the bejeezers out of me to be responsible for five little people all the time, everyday for the next forever.

So prayer warriors, we have 1 month, 3 days to be praying this out. Please pray that the Lords will be done in all of this. Pray that the decisions being made on behalf of these kiddos by the powers that be will be wise, will be just, and will be made in the best interest of the kids. Please be praying for the five of us Joneses to be spending the next month communicating well with one another, prayerfully considering the next phase of this journey. Finally be praying for the birth parents who will be faced at a minimum with some very hard decisions to make and most likely with the realization they will lose their children. I can not imagine.

Blessings and thanksgiving.