Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Nugget

Received the file on the nugget. He is the little boy I saw on the webpage and was so drawn to. Oh how my heart is breaking for this dear little boy. What a tormented life he is leading. He has needs we just do not feel we are able to meet. It is so hard to want to love these children and not have the skill set it would take. I stand more convicted than ever we need to be reaching out to parents who are making bad choices. The effects of these choices are so destructive to children who then repeat the cycle. Yet in the repeat, there is so much damage done to the hearts of the children, they are worse off than their parents. How can this be?

Prayer for the day:
Oh Lord God I lift up the lives of Jeremy, Joshua and praise you that they have a family that will love them and teach them your ways. Lord please cover them in your care and protection. Lord please be with little C who needs a home who will be able to meet his needs, be with the foster family who is caring for him now. Lord please be with the little Nugget. He is so tormented Lord and I pray that you release him from his torment. Lord bring peace into his little heart and heal him of the pain he feels from the failures of his family. Lord I see these children and my heart aches. Lord please give us understanding as to how to be a salve to the wounds of the children who are hurting. Lord give us clear vision as to your will for us. I find it hard to pray that you bring us a child, because that means a child must be wounded, so I pray Lord that you bring us to the child that is wounded and use us to heal that child. Please lay on Nathan and my heart a united vision as to what you would have us to do. Please be with Fonda as she is working with these children daily. Please guide her to use us as you would have it be done. Help us to remember it is all for you and for your Glory. May it ever be.

In the name of Jesus,

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  1. Remembering you often and praying for your journey. It is hard to see the pain children face daily in result of other people choices. God has a plan... love you guys!