Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A gift

Today at lunch my friend Rachelle called and told me she had a quick story to tell me. Her daughter Sheldon is on a swim team and she and her family were at a meet when she struck up a conversation with the girl sitting beside her. The girl commented on Rachelle's kids, she has five, and Rachelle asked her, do you have a big family? The girl stated, I have a brother and my family just adopted two little boys we have been fostering. It struck Rachelle that this must be the family that adopted Jeremy and Joshua. She started to ask a lot of questions and learned about the family. She called me and told me this story and shared how loving and great a family Jeremy and Joshua seem to have. She hoped that this would bring me comfort. What a gift. In the past couple of weeks Nathan and I have begun to really feel at peace with the situation. This seems like a little nod from God, letting us know His will has been accomplished. It is an honor to have been a tool for his purposes.


  1. I know this was a balm for your soul. I'm so happy for you. God has great things in store for you guys.

  2. God's hand is so powerful! He definitely knows the gifts we need, when we need them. Jacob was this for me. He was a direct gift, a direct answer, to a specific plea I begged God for; in a time I needed His hand... literally. I will never forget the power of His clear answer to my desperate state. GOD IS GOOD! Praying for you guys!