Sunday, December 27, 2009


We headed down to my grandmother's home for a Christmas with the Kinser family. It was so much fun to be with everyone. We had a great dinner and a great round of dirty Santa. It was fun to be with all that were able to be there. After the presents we moved on to desserts. As Macy began to eat a cookie, she thought she got choked, but it appears that a stomach bug got hold of her. By midnight she was throwing up every fifteen minutes or so. She was unable to keep anything down. She was so pitiful. Nate and Macy stayed at the hotel, but pretty soon, Noah was not feeling well so I swept up all of our stuff and headed to get Nate and Macy to head home. When I got to the hotel, Macy's eyes were sunk deep into her head and she continued to take a drink, just to throw it back up. We loaded up the car, praying we would make it back home with little incident, but soon determined we better take Macy to the hospital. We realized she was dehydrated and we just could not get any fluids in her.

We drove to Murfreesboro and took Macy to the ER. Luckily, there were very few people there and we were taken to triage right away. As we were in Triage, Macy fainted, so they rushed us straight back to the ER. Watching Macy faint was more than a little frightning, and I was so glad we had her at the hospital. The doctor saw her and confirmed she was severly dehydrated. They hooked her up to an IV and put anti-nausea medicine in the IV. She was running a slight temperature when we got to the hospital and once they got her on the IV her fever spiked up. They were able to get Tylenol in her in about an hour.

She was so sweet. She whispered in my ear that she did not want me to let go of her hand because she was very scared. I wanted her to try to sleep, but I think she was so overwhelmed, she just couldn't. I climbed into bed with her and we both fell asleep. The nurse came in and woke me up and wanted to check her temperature. Her fever was going down and they needed a urine sample. Macy was very hard to wake up, but once she was awake, she looked so much better. Her eyes were shiny again and the gray paller was fading.

After about a five hour stay, she was released and we headed home. The bug has now made it's way through the entire family, save Molly....We are praying she is saved from the experience. We are laying low for a few days to be sure we are all better.

Surely a Christmas we will never forget.

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