Monday, January 11, 2010


I mentioned a few days back about receiving a call and having a lot on my mind. The call was about a sibling group pulled into care and whose parents have been presented with a TPR (Termination of Parental Rights). These children will be in foster care until the TPR hearing (Should be mid-February) and if a judge signs off on the TPR then they would be available for adoption. We were presented to the children's caseworker as a potential family for adopting these kids. We don't have a lot of information right now. We know the children are safe. We know that it seems very likely the children will be available for adoption in Mid-February and we know we are more than willing to consider this opportunity.

We are excited about what could be coming ahead, but at the same time keeping our hearts in check. We have been trying to make ourselves ready, but not adjusting our lives too much--just in case.

I am asking for you to please pray for these kids, for us, for the parents of these kids, for the caseworker for these kids and for the judge who will be deciding their fate. I find it very difficult to pray for a child to be stripped from his/her parents, but I find it more difficult to have compassion for the parents who purposely damage and seek to destroy their children. These children need a safe and permanent home. We would like to be that home. Please pray that whether it is in our home, or in someone else's, children like these children and the thousands of children who are in the system in your state, and for the thousands of children who are just ok enough to get put in the system--but are hurting, are covered by the hand of God. Please pray that there will be enough homes for these children that they can find a place of hope for a brighter future. Please pray that Nate and I will show great wisdom in the upcoming days as we make decisions that will effect our family. Please pray that we will not be scared to open ourselves up again, but be satisfied to be the tools that God needs--no matter what the outcome.

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