Monday, January 4, 2010

If ....

If there are no more children brought into our lives I can say for sure I am still amongst the most blessed of women. I sat tonight in a circle with my family of five, playing a board game and it hit me in a very profound way how happy I am. I am happy for the blessings of my family of five. I am happy to be in an amazing marriage with a man who not only shares my dreams and convictions, he pursues them with fervor. How did I become so blessed? I have three amazing children who are healthy, happy and joy to me all the time.

I am content but looking forward. I praise God for His good blessings, for they are far more than we deserve.

So the prayer for the day is simply,
God, Thank you. I praise you for your Goodness. I recognize you as the giver of all good gifts. Thank you for bestowing so many on me. I long to pass forward your gifts.

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  1. It seems as if every family I know who has bio children and is looking to adopt gets to this point in the process. It seems to be a very needed respite after all of the paperwork and chaos of the homestudy phase... :) It's also just good to have that perspective. HUGS