Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We thought the first week of October, we would be meeting with all the pertinent people and beginning our visitation process with the boys. But, the boy's foster parents had planned a long vacation and we are now waiting for the boys to get back from Gulf Shores. They should be back home tomorrow or Friday, and FW is working already to make the appointments we need to get things moving. We have tried to stay extremely busy in October in order to hurry the time. We have been successful and it has been a great thing to realize we are so close to getting the ball rolling again.

This month we have been matched with our adoption mentors. God has been so good to us in placing amazing people in our lives throughout this journey. I am thrilled with our mentors and their story is AMAZING. You hear so many nightmare stories of adoption through the state, but we have enjoyed getting to know our caseworkers, the cabinet staff, our mentors and all the other folks who have come along the journey. We feel very blessed thus far, even when things have not gone exactly the way we have wanted them to, because of the people who have been a support to us.

The truth is I am in love with these children, my children. I have only seen pictures of them, only read their history, but I am certainly in love with them. I long for next week where we will be able to see them, hug them, hear them speak. I look forward to seeing what makes them laugh, makes them cry, makes them happy, and even what makes them mad. I want to know all of them--I am reminded of the feelings of anticipation I had as I carried Noah, Macy and Molly--fully in love with these creatures I had never seen, but longed to know completely.

Prayer for the day,

Lord God, I praise you for your hand of comfort through this month. I praise you for placing in our lives the very people we have needed in order to travel this journey and for giving us comfort through them. Please be with the boys and their foster family as they travel home. Be with Fonda as she prepares our meetings, Lord we just ask you to remove all obstacles that may be placed before us. We ask that this process move as quickly as is possible without harming the boys. Lord, we know you are in control and that brings us tremendous courage.

In Jesus' name,

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  1. Oh, Sara! I remember all those emotions so well... with each adoption and birth... three amazing miracles in our lives. God is SO good! Praying for you guys and all the transition for everyone. I'm so thankful for wonderful families like yours that open their hearts for more children to love =)