Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And then I saw (their) face, now I'm a Believer...

...there are no words to express what it is like to look into the pictured faces of children you have never met and know they are your children. Just no words. The pictures we were given with the files are grainy xerox copies of snapshots, but I have studied these pictures for hours. I am just so full of praise.

We will be spending the next few days pouring over the boys files. We have much to learn about our little men and we are soaking up every detail of their lives. Their story has already started and I want to know it so well, that as the next chapter begins (I like to think it will be called Becoming Jones) we move forward with a gentle transition of past and future.

We will be talking with FW toward the end of the week and then a pre-placement conference will be scheduled for us to talk with and learn from all the adult figures who have balanced their time in care.

My goal for the day is to beam, show everyone I know the greatness of God, and avoid spending any money on things for the boys (Nate and I are on an incredibly structured budget to prepare to be a family of 7--a family of 7, what a hoot!--and we did not budget clothes and toys for September, but October is coming :))

Thanks for your prayers in this journey, we ask you to continue to pray as we move toward transitioning our lives with the boys. Pray for the boys...they will suffer the most drastic changes and while we hope that their lives with us will be joyful and blessed, we know we are taking them from the life they have come to rely on. And for a time, we will not be Mom and Dad to them, but instead the people who have taken them away from their Mom and Dad. I know there will be many tears of pain amid the tears of joy. Thanks for lifting us up as we make our way through the process.

Prayer for the day:

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  1. Sara, this is Mary Harper and I stumbled upon your blog today. I didn't even realize you were going through the adoption process. Congratulations to you, Nathan and the children! I'm so happy for you guys. How old are the boys you're adopting? I will keep you all in my prayers. From one family of seven to are our friends! :)