Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Phone Call

Today I was up in my room getting our yard sale pile in order, when I hear Noah running up the stairs whispering very loudly..."It's Miss Fonda, It's Miss Fonda." She said hello and I told her I was so happy to hear from her. She shared that the boy's caseworker had chosen us to parent the boys! ---------WHOO HOOOO!!!!---------

Nate is on his way to pick up the boy's file right now and I can hardly stand it! I will not see him until about 7:00 and therefore will not be able to see the file until 7:00.

As I was talking with Fonda, Noah and Macy stood in the hall outside of our room. They were trying to decipher what was being said. When I hung up the phone, the kids questioned, " WELL?" "We can have the boys!" They embraced each other into a tight knot and started jumping up and down.

Molly is with her grandparents and so I will not be able to tell her until I get her from them. I can not wait to see her reaction.

I am so full of praise for God.

Thank you Lord for guiding this journey. Thank you Lord for bringing our family together. Amen

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