Saturday, July 11, 2009

First Home Study

Our first homestudy visit went well. Our Case Worker came and had breakfast with us. I made my Grandmother's cinammon twists. We ate and chatted as a family, and then the children went upstairs to watch tv while we talked with her. She asked us mostly about our childhoods, our relationships with our extended families, how we met, how we would describe each other (Nate and I), our concerns about caring for kids, and we chatted about the situation with the boys she had mentioned. (I will write more about that later!) She then spoke with the children privately. She wanted to go ahead and schedule our next visit as quickly as possible. Looks like it will be on Tuesday evening. Everything with the house was fine. After this second visit she will have two weeks to get her report into her supervisor (Her supervisor was the second teacher in our classes.) and then we should be good to go. Things are going well. It seems to be going fast, but we are excited about that.

Prayer for the day,

Lord, I just praise you for your goodness. Thank you for being with us in this journey. We feel You around us and we are relying on you. You can make all things happen for your purposes. And for that we praise you.

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