Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Case of the Hurry Up and Waits

We are done. All the paperwork is in, the interviews have been done, and the inspections have passed. Now we wait. Our Caseworker (F.W.) says she will have two weeks to finish all her reports, then it will go to her supervisor, who will have a week to review and submit it to Frankfort (the State) to get their approval. Frankfort will then have 2 weeks to review our homestudy and file and then--we should be approved. FW says she does not see any reason this should not be the case. So we wait until apx. mid August for news.

We did learn the names of the boys and their birthdates. We received a bit more information about their situation, why they came in to care and issues the boys will face in their lives. We will be able to see their entire file after we are approved. So until then, we will sit and wait. And pray.

Lord, you are so good to us, and we feel your grace. We don't fully understand the love you have for us, but we recognize how good You are for it. Lord please be with us as we wait for all the paperwork to be completed. Help us spend this time focusing our hearts and minds on what you would have us to know. Lord please help us know if your will is for us to be parents to these little boys. Please be with these boys, hold them in your care, protect their hearts. If we are not meant for them, please bring them a family who will Love you first and then them entirely.

Thank you for wisdom, thank you for adopting us. Help us to extend the grace of our adoption to children in need. Be with Noah, Macy and Molly as they open their hearts to more siblings. Help Nate and I to be good parents to them.

Because of your son, we feel we can come to you and pray.

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