Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010

Yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day in a very lovely way. My parents, grandmother, sister and her family and my family enjoyed a nice lunch at Mariah's. My children had awakened me with breakfast in bed, a gift wrapped by my girls (it was adorable!) homemade cards and many hugs and kisses. What a great day! Nathan would let me do NO work and instead I just relaxed and enjoyed my day. Divine.

At lunch yesterday, I asked my Mom to share some stories of her mother to my children. My mother's mother died from Cancer when my Mom was eight years old. She shared a few stories, her memories are limited and her most vivid are of her mother being sick and I imagine visiting those are not enjoyable. One of the things that my Mom said touched my heart. "Had we been raised in today's world, we would have surely been in the foster system." These words stung my heart.

We have had a friend staying with us temporarily while he made his way through a divorce and he has now left our home and I am speaking with our caseworker today to move forward with fostering. The words of my mother struck me as I knew this appointment was today. I have thought many times, "if not us than who" but now I think of the few stories my mother has shared and I am convicted....whose mother will these children be?

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