Friday, February 12, 2010

It has reached the point of embarassing to tell you how many hours I have sat on my bottom and done nothing but eyeball my computer this week. Recovering from my surgery has turned more into a sit and gawk fest for me. Blah. I am ready to leave this house, ready to be in the land of the living. I asked Noah today if he was ready for me to be up and going again,"Nope, I don't want to go back to our regular routine. I would rather do nothing." Translation, lady you have been so busy sitting reading blogs on the computer, you have no idea how many hours of wii and tv and whatever the what computer game I have been playing.

When not reading the whole life story of Ree Drummond or chatting on Facebook IM with friends across the universe, I have been eavesdropping on the conversations of my beautiful daughters. They are the hurricane and tropical storm of our home and while I have been of course busy reading my computer, they have wreaked havoc on their bedroom. I went into their room this morning took two steps in and walked right back out. I told them there was an hour of reprieve on that room, but after the hour was over I was going all trashbag on them and they better get to it. So they went upstairs for the three hour playtime that is cleaning up their room--to be honest it is the 2 hour and 45 minute playtime and 15 minutes of ramming with all their might everything that was in their room into their closet. Whilst they were doing whatever it is they do while in their room supposedly cleaning I tuned in to their conversations. Usually it is them talking as if other people--most likely sophisticated teenagers--but today they were just Macy and Molly 8 and 7. "Molly who is your best friend?" "You are of course." "We were best friends when we were babies and we are best friends now." "I think we will always be best friends." Puddles. That was what I was. Puddles. They are ridiculously sweet together and they played this week as if they were on vacation--they were, I was in a chair, my feet up reading the internet--and they have walked through the house arms laced through arms giggling, speaking a language I, nor anyone else knows, and being sisters. How blessed they are.

Tomorrow we are heading to Owensboro to go to an Adoption Match day program hosted by the Commonwealth. We will be playing with a bunch of kids who are adoptable, getting to know them,they getting to know us. We have a big day coming up on the
18th. There is a court hearing scheduled for that day which could be very impactful to us...or it may not. I will not go into the details just yet, but if you are still praying for us, pray that the 18th will be blessed and God's will for a sibling set be done. I will share with you more details next Friday if I can.

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