Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Blindside

I am currently reading this book. Given our life circumstances, this book acts as a source to make me furklempt and motivated in one glorious binding of sweet words and footballese. Please note, I am only half way into the book--so I have no idea exactly where the book is going other than the obvious direction of Michael Oher's life story and how it applies to the philosophy of modern football, but I have been thinking--we all have a blindside. It is the place where we need faith to function. And like a quarterback who is looking to get his job done, he must rely that the left tackle is just going to do what needs to be done. He can not worry about if the left tackle is going to do what he is supposed to do, he just focuses on what he can control. I think that I need to be better about having faith in God taking care of me. I don't need to worry just focus on my field and do what I am supposed to do.
Much to think about, much to pray over, much control to let go of.

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