Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday, Monday

Today is Monday. Just a normal little Monday in the line of many Mondays which have passed and by the grace of God those which will come. This Monday is special for no particular reason, just the first day in the week we are hoping to hear that we have been approved by the state of Kentucky and we can move on to the meet and greet portion of the show. It is a pretty Monday. It is lovely outside, it is comfortable inside.

While we sit and wait, I thought I would share with you some good news. Some friends of ours from church have adopted again. This is their fourth adoption. The courts of Ethiopia have declared the G's as parents of a most beautiful little 2 year old boy. They will be leaving on September 10th to meet him and bring him home. What a celebration that will be. Their family is so beautiful, and what an addition they are receiving. So excited for them.

Our little church family has been so greatly impacted by adoption. The G's little boy will be the 10th child adopted into the families of our church in the past 10 years. What an amazing gift to be a part of a group where such experience and wisdom has been combined with overwhelming generosity. Beyond the children who have been permanently placed into families, there are more children than I am able to count who have been fostered and nurtured by the families in our church family. Along with our family, there is another who is working toward adopting through the state. We did not know the other was going to be going through the classes until we showed up at the classes and the other was there.

It is a great comfort to Nathan and I, as well as our children, to look around on this journey we are taking and see so many familiar faces journeying along with us. I love having those with experience sharing their perspectives with us. I love that when we are sad, frustrated, elated, and/or scared, there are so many we can call and find empathy. Just another reason I love our church family.

So it is Monday and I am distracted by the hope of what this week will bring us. So leaving a prayer here that if you would like to join with me in praying I would appreciate!

Father, You are so GOOD. I will be coming to you each day of this week praising your name for all that you are. You are the God who created us. You are the God who gave us the choice to love you. You are the God who provided us the way back to You through your son. You know what it is like to wait on the children you are wanting to adopt, because you have waited on me. You know what it is like to be patient, please help me to be patient. You know what it is like to wait for approval, you are waiting for that from so many. But I know you are with me. I feel you in my heart, I see you all around me. I see you as you join child with family. I see you when you touch the lives of those I love with your Goodness. I see you in hurt and pain, for you are there providing comfort. I praise you God for providing a body of people to encourage and teach me. Thank you Lord. This week as we await the word from the state, Lord please just hold us in your hand and if it is your will, please let the decision be made in our favor and quickly,

Through the name of Jesus,

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