Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 21, 2010

We had a visit from our caseworker this past week. It was an informative meeting but not much progression in getting us to our end goal. I feel like I should catch everyone up. Right after Christmas we learned of four little girls who were in need of a home. They had been pulled from their home, but TPR (Termination of Parental Rights) had not been completed for their mother. We did not know at the time they were all girls, just that there was a four year old, a three year old and a toddler and a brand new very prematurely born baby. As we learned more and more, we realized they were girls. We were talked to about the girls by their caseworker and we were asked not to speak to any other caseworkers, including our own, due to there being some disagreements in the cabinet as to the best place for the girls.

The birth mother has had seven little girls. All seven are now or have been wards of the state. The oldest two girls were adopted by a family who were now striving to get custody of these girls. This family has 6 children in their home now and the caseworker for the girls did/does not feel they need to take in four more. However, the Kentucky Cabinet for Families places a very high priority of keeping blood relatives together. This is to be commended. We were to be considered if for whatever reason this other family was found to be a bad placement for the girls.

In the past few weeks we have learned much more about the girls, the baby is medically fragile--this takes us out of the picture for her care--we have not taken the required training to be a medically fragile family. In light of some new and very disturbing information, it seems to be in the best interest of our family that these girls not be placed with us. We are very disappointed, but know God is covering the bases for us.

FW told us currently, save a large number of teenagers, there are few adoptable children who meet our criteria in the system. Praise God for that. However, there is a great need for foster families. She asked us to consider opening our home to foster. We will be spending the remaining days of March and all of April praying and meditating on this decision. We have only minimal reservations to fostering, mainly due to the emotional stability of Noah, Macy and Molly. But we will not know how we will handle giving up children to their parents until we try. We are asking God to give us very clear direction in this decision. We ask you to join that prayer with me.

Prayer for the month:
God we do not want to get ahead of you.
We know that in your time all things are perfected and we want to live in your way and in your time. We ask you to give us very clear direction in the decision to foster children in our home. Please help us to see if we are getting ahead of you, or if this indeed is your will for our family. Lord please help us to trust in you. Help us to prepare for this if it is your plan for us. Help us to prepare Noah, Macy and Molly for loving children who may never be a part of our family.

Lord we love you and we long for you to bless us in this endeavor.
Because of Jesus we come to you,

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