Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Filling in the blanks

Nathan and I have been working on filling out all the paperwork required by the state. It has not been a tough chore, just a bit time consuming. It has struck me the questions that are asked in the personal profiles are very difficult to answer in two very small font lines allowed. Questions from name a time you were dissappointed and how it impacted you (2 lines) to what is your worst childhood memory (1 line) are a bit difficult to pair down in an economy of words. We have about 2 more hours of work ahead of us.

The children have some paperwork to fill out as well. Their assignment is to draw a picture or write a story about our family after we adopt. The children are very excited about this little task. The girls have already drawn a family portrait (family of 6 style.) I found it interesting how they chose the hair color of the people in the picture. Nate and I have black hair, N, M and M all have blond hair and new brother has black hair. I asked them why they chose the hair color for the new child and they had no explanation. Interesting.

I am going to have to order a birth certificate for Nathan. I have no idea if we have ever had a copy. I will call and ask his Mom if she has a copy, but I should order one for us. I have mine and the children's. Funny how little pieces of paper are meant to represent so much.

It is nice to have this little project to work on, makes me feel like we are actually doing something. Little steps closer to our goal. That certainly feels good.

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